Painesville woman shares family story of surviving the Titanic

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - It's been 100 years since the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, but Jane Nummi, of Painesville, remembers the story as if it were yesterday.

Her late mother-in-law, Elin Hakkarainen Nummi, survived the disaster. Although Elin didn't like to talk about it, she once shared her memories of that horrific night with Jane.

"I think she had nightmares when she spoke to people about it," Jane said.

Elin and her husband, Pekka Hakkarainen, were newlyweds on their way to Monessen, Penn. on board the Titanic. They had just retired to their cabin for the night when they felt a jolt and the ship turned. When Pekka left the cabin to investigate, Elin never saw him again.

"She was put in life boat 15," Jane said. "She said the noise as they rode away from that ship was unbelievable, something she would never, never forget. The sounds of the people in the water and the ship."

"She said everything broke apart on the ship, the mast fell down, furniture and everything came down. And as they rode away, she was still calling for her husband."

Jane's mother-in-law escaped the Titanic wearing a nightgown and carrying only her purse with her wedding picture and a locket.

She later remarried and gave birth to Jane's husband, Gerald Nummi. Elin Nummi died of a stroke at age 67.

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