Lake Metroparks Wildlife Center caring for orphaned bobcat

A three-week-old bobcat is receiving care by wildlife specialists at Lake MetroParks Wildlife Center.

The bobcat baby boy was found by the side of a road in Athens on May 13, not far from a dead female bobcat.

"That ODNR Division of Wildlife would choose to entrust care of this orphaned bobcat to Lake Metroparks demonstrates confidence in our Wildlife Center," said Paul Palagyi, Lake Metroparks executive director. "This affirms the Center's excellent reputation and the high level of care that our professional, educated and experienced staff provides."

A local veterinarian performed a full physical exam on the animal and determined he was fairly healthy except for being slightly malnourished and needing treatment for parasites.

The bobcat is fed formula every two hours for 16 hours a day and making steady improvement, MetroParks staff said.

Young bobcats can survive alone in the wild around six to nine months of age. The goal is to release the bobcat back into a suitable habitat this fall.

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