Lake County YMCA announces 20 semifinalists for 2014 Dream House

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - A $425,000 home for $15.  It's a dream for most people, but a reality for one lucky person.

A brownstone in historic downtown Willoughby is being raffled off as the Lake County YMCA's 21st Annual Dream House. It even comes fully furnished.

Wednesday night, 20 semifinalists had their ticket drawn by blindfolded Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap. Nearly 52,000 tickets were sold. The fundraiser benefits the Lake County YMCA.

Dozens of people all hoped their name was announced.  "I'm very excited.  I'm trying not to get crazy excited, but I've always wanted to do this.  It's a good worthwhile project and it would be good to win,"  said Sam Tarighati of Mentor.

None of the 20 semifinalists were in attendance, but that didn't stop people from being happy for them. "We wish we were one of the finalists. We're excited for the twenty that got to be here on Sunday to check out and see if they have the right keys. It should be fun," said Kristen Phillips.  Phillips is from Maryland, but was visiting family in the area and entered the contest.

The final drawing is 2 p.m. Sunday. The winner can accept the house or choose a $200,000 cash prize. 

For more information about the house, CLICK HERE to go to the Lake County YMCA Facebook Page.

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