Judge Cicconetti offers 3 men alternative sentence: Dress as "green men," race trash bags to truck

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - Dress as "green men," bang on drums and race trash to a collection vehicle – that's all part of a sentence Judge Mike Ciconnetti offered three Lake County men as an alternative to jail.

Eric Gallion, Brendan Corey and Timothy Castiglione were all charged with criminal mischief as a result of a ding-dong ditch incident.

Ciconnetti sentenced the three defendants to serve 15 days in jail or, in lieu of jail time, participating in the Painesville Party-in-the-Park dressed as members of the "Green Man Group."

This would entail picking up trash across the park, "banging" on green drums and "hiding" in the costumes.

But there's another twist too – it's not simply trash pickup.

When the trash collection vehicle drives by, the men would have to grab trash bags and run to the truck. The one who gets there last the most times over the course of the weekend would have to perform eight more hours of community service.

All three defendants are first-time offenders and will be given the opportunity to participate in a diversion program if they successfully complete their sentence.

Painesville Party-in-the-Park takes place Friday, July 19 – Sunday, July 21. Click here for more information on volunteering: http://on.wews.com/12GcT0T

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