Hudson parents create 'BEARACADE' door control system for schools

MENTOR, Ohio - In light of dozens of school shootings that have rocked communities around the country in recent years, two Hudson dads have taken one part of of school security into their own hands.

Bill Cushwa and Dave Soulsby have created BEARACADE, a plastic structure that can be slid under a door and locked in place with a pin to quickly barricade doors from the inside.

“Dave and I wanted a lightweight, but strong, device someone could deploy very quickly. When hostile intruder events are over in minutes, seconds count. We didn’t want the delay or chaos of trying to find items in a room to barricade a door. We also needed to work within the confines of building and fire codes,” Cushwa said in a press release. 

BEARACADE is manufactured at Design Molded Plastics in Twinsburg and assembled at Hattie's Assembly division in downtown Akron.

Mentor Public Schools ordered 500 devices that will be ready for the start of fall classes. Watch the video above to see how the device works.


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