Hit and run: Lake County sheriff says drunken driver hit SUV in driveway and fled

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The Lake County Sheriff's Office says an apparent drunken driver hit a man's SUV as he was pulling into a driveway and then took off. But he left a trail of evidence that led to his eventual arrest.

It happened Tuesday on Girdled Road in Concord Township. The driver of a GMC Suburban was delivering fuel to the home and was backing into the driveway. When he was about 3/4 of the way in the driveway, he was struck by a black Chevy Suburban.

Police said the hit-skip driver, William Wyatt, immediately took off, but left a trail for police to follow.

Despite Wyatt's front passenger tire blowing out, he continued driving on the steel rim. Witnesses who were following Wyatt were able to help deputies track him down at his home on Buckingham Place.

The gouge marks left in the road from his rims led into the driveway of Wyatt's house.

At first Wyatt told the deputies he didn't know what they were questioning him about an "accident." After further questioning, Wyatt admitted to hitting the SUV and taking off.

At the scene, Wyatt failed a field sobriety test and then failed a breathalyzer. He was arrested and charged with OVI.

Wyatt is behind bars in the Lake County Jail. The incident remains under investigation.

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