Fred Astaire Dance Studio loves every new season of 'Dancing With the Stars' & its spike in business

DWTS is fun but it's good for local biz too

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - "Dancing With the Stars" kicked off its 18th season right here on NewsChannel5 with the likes of Billy Dee Williams and Cleveland's own Drew Carey burning up the dance floor.

Every time a new DWTS kicks off, it delivers an economic shot in the arm for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Willoughby.

Owner/operator Andrea Bisconti says she knows when there's a new season because she sees a spike in interest for ballroom dancing.

"Everybody that calls, we ask what made you decide to dance and we often get 'Dancing With the Stars'," Bisconti says.

Clint Fowler bought lessons for his wife six years ago and they are still going strong.

He says, " I am hooked. I am hooked. I know how to make a pretty girl smile."

Bisconti also notes,"This isn't the Fox Trot that our grandparents danced to. This is fun, exciting and sexy."

Younger dancers are signing up more nowadays.

Along, of course, with more single men who want to learn how to ballroom dance.


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