Foam used to put an end to Painesville fire

Area fire departments provide equipment

Painsville, OH - An industrial fire that has been burning since 10 a.m. Thursday is out for good.

Billowing clouds of black smoke could be seen for miles when the fire broke out. Hardy Industrial Technologies makes a type of animal feed using hydrogenated vegetable oil. According to the chief, about 20,000 gallons of that was involved in this fire.

"We're applying high expansion foam with the intent to fill the basement area from floor to ceiling." said Chief Frank Whittaker of the Painesville Township fire department.

The foam will find it's way to the hot spots then cool and choke the oxygen off.

Cleveland, Shaker Heights, and Conneaut fire departments provided equipment to apply the foam to the fire. The Lubrizol Corporation provided 800 gallons of foam concentrate.

"Nobody in Lake county has high expansion foam. All it took was a phone call. That's the beauty of the system that exists in Ohio" said Whittaker.

Firefighters will not be allowed into the structure until they are sure that all of the hot spots are out.

Whittaker said the air is safe, non-toxic and they will continue to monitor it.

The fire was called "under control" around noon on Saturday.

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