Ex-Lake County Sheriff Deputy Gary Stroud sentenced to 16 years to life for wife's murder

MENTOR, Ohio - Former Lake County Sheriff Deputy Gary Stroud, 58, was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Diane Stroud, 53, last fall and the abuse of her corpse.

Stroud pleaded guilty last month to the counts. He admitted to beating his wife in the head, wrapping her body in a sleeping bag and leaving it in the garage of the family home.

Police discovered the body after being called by the couple's daughter about a foul smell she thought was a dead animal .

In emotional testimony before sentencing both of the Stroud's children addressed their father and the court speaking of how they have lost two parents they loved so much.

"I had the best parents a kid could ever ask for," said their daughter Stephanie.

"I still love both my parents and I'll never stop loving them. I miss my mom every day and I miss my dad every day," she said.

Stroud apologized to his family, and to the Mentor Police Department and Lake County Sheriff's office.

"I'm sorry for the embarrassment my crimes have caused your agencies," he said.

To his kids, he apologized for doing this to their family and urged them "please try to remember the good times."

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