Contaminated candy: Staples found in Nerds candy box by Mentor trick-or-treater Sunday

MENTOR, Ohio - The mother of a Mentor trick-or-treater got an unexpected prickly surprise when checking candy: a Nerds box filled with staples instead of the sugary treat.

While checking her child's candy, a mother noticed a grape Nerds box with the top bent back, but still glued. When she opened it, out came staples instead of the purple candy.

Mentor police said it appears someone tampered with the box. The contaminated candy was found after trick-or-treat Sunday in the Headlands neighborhood, specifically in the area of Homewood, Jordan, Willowbrook and Spinnaker.

Authorities said there was also a box of the same candy received in the North Palmerston area that was empty when opened.

The police department recommends parents check all candy their children received from trick-or-treating and to call your local police department if you find something suspicious.

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