Willard teen accused of shooting mom in back in court, 911 call released

WILLARD, Ohio - Gunfire rang out at a home in a quiet Willard neighborhood on Wednesday, prompting authorities to lockdown the schools, a library and park.

It was around 11:30 a.m. when police got a 911 call -- a Main Street mother said her son had a gun and was on the loose.

WOMAN: My son has a gun and he just shot -- I don't know if he hit me.
DISPATCHER: Are you injured?
WOMAN: I don't know!

The mother continued to talk to the dispatcher, telling her she was hiding in a bedroom and alerting officers that there are dogs in the house. "Please don't hurt them," the woman requested. Then, she realized she had been struck by a bullet.

WOMAN: Oh my God. I did get hit.
DISPATCHER: Where were you hit at?
WOMAN: In the back.
DISPATCHER: Ok, I'm going to get an ambulance that way.

WEB EXTRA: Listen to the edited 911 Willard shooting call

The teen was caught less than three hours after the shooting at a friend's house on West Pearl Street. Police said they also recovered the .22 caliber handgun inside his bookbag.

At his appearance in Huron County Juvenile Court, the teen failed to enter a plea. He's facing an attempted murder charge.

A probable cause will be held at a later date, which will determine if the teen will be bound over to adult court or not.

For now, the teen has been placed back in the Seneca County Youth Detention Center.

The mother was taken by helicopter to a Toledo hospital, where officials said she's in "good" condition.

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