Tree falls near Norwalk house, barely avoids sleeping 4-month-old

NORWALK, Ohio - A huge tree ripped out of the ground by a strong storm that tore through Norwalk Monday afternoon, just missed falling into a house where a four-month-old baby was sleeping inside.

"If the tree would have fell any closer to the house, it probably would have landed on him,"  said Shelby Nadasky, the child's mother.

The late afternoon storm uprooted trees, knocked out power and damaged homes in its path. Many of the houses were along East Main Street, where the front of Neil Creary's home was barricaded by trees.       

"I'm just glad nobody was hurt," Creary said. "That's the biggest part."

On nearby Rule Street, a tree crashed through the back of a house destroying the kitchen. 

Across the road, Regina Parker was racing down the street through high water and sparking power lines to get to her grandson Bryson, the four-month-old who was inside the house as the tree outside came crashing down. 

"Oh my God, I was so scared," she said. "I just thank God, really. I mean, He was looking over us on this one."

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