Police: Willard teen accused of shooting mother in the back may have stolen gun from grandfather

WILLARD, Ohio - The teen suspected of shooting his mother in the back in Huron County may have stolen the gun from his grandfather, according to police.

Though the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said early indications point to the teen taking the gun from his grandfather, who did not live with the teen and his mother.

The chief said the suspected teen shooter told police he did not know why he shot his mother.

Holden said the teen's mother was alert and talking when first responders arrived at her home on Main Street. She actually called 911 after she was shot at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The victim was taken by helicopter to St. Vincent's in Toledo. Police said her condition is not known.

For approximately two-and-a-half hours, the teen shooter was missing. Chief Holden put all schools on lockdown as a precaution, and also sent police to a local park, where elementary school students were having outdoor activities.

Holden did not know how many children were in the park, but he said there were several classes on the mini-field trip. The children were all taken into a safe building near the park until the suspected shooter was found.

Witnesses told newsnet5.com frantic parents were getting updates from their older children under lockdown through Facebook.

Police found the teen through another student at a school. Holden said the student told an officer the teen was at his home on West Pearl Street.

Armed with that tip, police surrounded the home. The suspected teen shooter and the student tipster's father both left the home when ordered by police and the teen was arrested without incident, Holden said.

It was not clear what the suspected teen shooter and his friend's father were doing in the home before they came out.

Officers also found the backpack the suspect was seen running with following the shooting, and located a .22 caliber handgun inside.

The chief also said the suspect gave him the wrong name when he was first taken into the police station for questioning.

Holden said it had been a long day. For more than two hours he had been thinking, "We gotta find this kid."

The suspect currently is on probation for another matter, but Holden could not elaborate during the preliminary phase of his investigation.

Sheriff's deputies from several counties helped Willard police enforce the lockdown, and surround the home where the suspect was hiding.

No one in addition to the teen's mother was hurt.

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