BSA Klondike Winter Challenge takes place at Firelands Scout Reservation in Wakeman

Scouts share tips to survive the cold

WAKEMAN, Ohio - More than a dozen Boy Scouts braved the elements camping out in the frigid weather Saturday night.

The BSA Klondike Derby Winter Challenge took place at the Firelands Scout Reservation in Wakeman.

The younger scouts will be sleeping in cabins but a few brave souls will spend the nights outside. Their make-shift sleeping spaces range from a tarp strung up between two trees, a hammock and a one man tent with snow piled up along the sides.

These hardy scouts offered a few tips if you ever get caught out in the elements. Bradley Shuster says, " Being in a life and death situation, you always got to have that fire starter."

You may not realize it but you can get more dehydrated in the winter. "We always drink a lot of water," according to Jose Gracia.

Clay Mastrovich tells NewsChannel5 that "dehydration is worse for us in the winter, we don't realize how much work were actually doing."

The worst part of getting cold outside is not the temperature but the wind. You need to block that from hitting you and if you don't have a tent Calvin Kimmel suggests to "pile up the snow and hollow it out, sort of like an igloo."

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