Battered by job losses, Norwalk is working to find new jobs

NORWALK, Ohio - Despite being dealt another economic blow this week, the mayor of Norwalk was full of optimism Thursday about the future of his town.

Epic Technologies became the latest company to announce it's closing up shop in Norwalk. Mayor Rob Duncan said 85 people work there.

Last summer, another Norwalk employer, Janesville Acoustics, announced it would relocate later this year throwing 300 out of work.

"In the midst of the devastation we have some very positive things going on," Duncan said. "We will bounce back from this."

In fact, the ball is already on the court.

Duncan said some companies are hiring, and he believes Norwalk is "positioned very well" to bring in new businesses.

"There's been more movement in the last six months than in the last five or six years as far as people actually looking at this area," he said.

Duncan said he's working on an incentive plan to attract businesses and the city has a strong marketing push.

"Any time a lead comes through we're pushing our buildings on the market, doing everything we can to market our town," he said.

More than 20 small businesses have already opened in the last few years.

"I'm very optimistic," Duncan said.

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