Accused drunk driver drove through Holmes County woman's yard days after getting out of jail

KILLBUCK, Ohio - "He came around that curve and hit that," said Mary Baker from her Holmes County front yard.

Baker said she heard a horrific sound Tuesday night and ran out to see what happened.

"As I came out and ran down there he had already gone across our yard here and was going down the road, very very very fast," she said.

Holmes County Sheriff's deputies said Kenyon Conner crashed his Chevrolet Blazer into the pole on Route 60. He flattened a tire and damaged the SUV, but still drove off.

"Several pieces of his car were in our yard," Baker said.

Baker said his bumper with the license plate still attached. Her husband called 911 with the information.

Deputies said Conner continued onto Township Road 55 where he crashed again. A family in a passing car tried to help but he took off.

Deputies found Conner at his home and he was arrested. The 54-year-old has been in trouble before.

In November, the substitute bus driver was arrested for driving a school bus full of children while drunk. ONN's Cristin Severance talked to a mother whose scared teenager was sending her text messages while on the bus.

"The texts kept coming. He tried to hit a car, or he keeps closing his eyes or he's not even on the road," said the woman.

Conner had just served a 30-day jail sentence for the school bus incident and was released Saturday. Four days later, he crashed into Baker's telephone pole.

"I don't know how he didn't get killed," said Baker.

Conner is facing a number of charges including driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

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