What Chardon shooter TJ Lane's life sentence in prison will likely cost Ohio taxpayers

Expect it be well into seven figures

CLEVELAND - If you were like most people and found yourself disgusted at TJ Lane's courtroom antics during his sentencing, the costs associated with his incarceration will not make you feel any better about the convicted killer.

According to life expectancy charts, the 18-year-old has 58 more years to go before reaching the average lifespan for men, which is a little more than 76 years.

The cost of maintaining a prisoner in Ohio is currently $25,334 per year, multiplied by 58 years of life and you come to a staggering $1,469,372 -- all paid by Ohio taxpayers.

Think that's a lot? Well now add the cost of attorneys to handle his appeal, also paid by the state, and you are far more than $1.5 million and those numbers do not include inflation.

The only solace you may find is that since Lane was not eligible for the death penalty since he was underage at the time of the murders, you don't have to pay for all the mandatory appeals that go along with capital punishment.

Yes, sad but true, most of the time a death penalty sentence costs us taxpayers more than a sentence of life without parole.

Lane pleaded guilty earlier this year to murder in the deaths of three teens during a shooting rampage at Chardon High School on Feb. 27, 2012. During his sentencing last week, Lane wore a T-shirt with the word "KILLER" written on it, spoke profanity and gave the middle finger toward the victims' families.

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