VIDEO: Friend posts 'R.I.P. Danny Parmertor' tribute video to YouTube

CLEVELAND - A tribute video has been posted to YouTube "This one goes out to you, Danny Parmertor," showing photos of the tragically murdered teen growing up.

Photos are set to the song "Never Be Forgotten" by Jessica Andrews and walks you through the short life of Daniel Parmertor. The 16-year-old loved his job, family and school. His life was cut short Monday when alleged gunman TJ Lane opened fire inside Chardon High School, killing Parmertor and two others, Russell King Jr. and Demetrius Hewlin.

The slideshow begins with a smiling Parmertor as a baby, and takes you via pictures through his short 16 years. Some photos show Parmertor playing, helping his father mow the grass with a plastic lawn mower, on the back of a motorcycle. Other pictures show Parmertor as a young boy in his wrestling gear holding a trophy.

As the lyrics "I still feel you here with me. You're more than just a memory. You will never be forgotten..." play, photos are shown of Parmertor surrounded with friends, in a football uniform, on a roller coaster, skiing.

The video ends with pictures from the vigil at St. Mary Catholic Church and a yearbook picture of Parmertor with the words "you will always be in our hearts Danny" above his head.

"BucciMaane" posted the video to YouTube with this note: "I love you buddy. This one is for you. May you rest in peace take care of yourself in that big beautiful blue sky. Love - Jordan."

You can also watch the video by following this link:

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