Students begin classes again at Chardon High School Friday just four days after shooting

CHARDON, Ohio - Classes at Chardon High School have begun again Friday morning. It's just four days after a deadly shooting that killed three teenagers and injured two others.

Students arrived at school at 7:30 a.m. Many parents dropped their kids off at school.

West Geauga High School students lined the way and applauded as Chardon students walked into the high school.

Several area police departments had a presence at the school Friday morning.

On Thursday, parents and students returned to the high school for the first time since Monday.

A unified Chardon student body made a difficult walk from the town square to the school.

"It's nice to know that everybody cares and everybody wants to know that everybody's there for you so it's a good feeling," said student Zach Gartner,

Many said it was a way to start the healing process.

"It was emotional but it was also really healing. We all joined together and all held hands people clapped us in and it made us feel safe again," said student Brittany Wilson.

"It's a little scary but I think all of our teachers are going to be with us and I know that they care about us and we care about them and I think that together it's going to be okay," said Donna Eisenhart.

On Thursday, grief counselors were there for both students and parents and they will also be at the high school on Friday.      

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