Defense attorneys for accused Chardon High School killer TJ Lane want confessions tossed

CHARDON, Ohio - At a hearing in Geauga County, the attorney for accused Chardon High School killer TJ Lane requested verbal and written statements made by his client be tossed out.

The defense team filed a motion in court Thursday to suppress -- or toss out -- Lane's verbal and written confessions saying he wasn't read his Miranda Rights when questioned for a second time at the sheriff's department.

Attorneys for Lane said his rights were read to him when he was questioned at the scene in a cruiser, but not again at the safety center where Lane wore a shirt with the word "KILLER" across it.

Geauga County Sheriff's deputy John Bilicik said he asked Lane at the second round of interrogation if he understood that he didn't have to talk to them. Lane is heard on the tape saying he understands, but he wants to talk.

BILICIK: "Why did you shoot people?"
LANE: "I have no idea. I don't really understand it myself."

BILICIK: "How many did you shoot?"
LANE: "I don't know. I was aiming for heads so they wouldn't suffer."

BILICIK: "Did someone piss you off?"
LANE: "No one pissed me off. I have no problem with people."

A Geauga County Common Pleas Court judge will rule on the motion within 10 days.

On Feb. 27, Lane allegedly opened fire in Chardon High School's cafeteria, killing three students, Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King Jr. and Daniel Parmertor, and injuring two others.

Lane, now 18, is being tried as an adult and has filed an insanity plea.

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