Cleveland Red Cross and Public Animal Welfare Society recall Katrina, ready to help with Isaac

Cleveland crews recall Katrina similarities

BAINBRIDGE, Ohio - On a quiet Bainbridge cul-de-sac, professional dog trainer Ann Trupo asks her client's puppy to sit. It listens quite well even though Trupo's two dogs are watching patiently from the open rear hatch of her Kia Soul piquing its curiosity. 

Some of Trupo's dogs are rescues. One of them rescued from starvation seven years ago, trapped in an Algiers, Louisiana yard, under water, though still fenced in. She aptly named him "Storm."

Storm had heart worms and many other problems soon after being rescued. With his owner nowhere in sight, Trupo brought him back to Ohio. She made sure to leave her contact information with an Algiers neighbor.

Storm's owner returned several months later. Happy to hear the dog was rescued, they happily gave Trupo permission to keep him. They didn't have any way of keeping him safe in their damaged home anyway.

"One thing that sticks with me about Katrina was how many more volunteers were needed. There were stacks of cages filled and empty, and so many animals still needing to be rescued. We didn't have enough to keep the water bowls full," said Trupo.

While Trupo was helping animal rescues in conjunction with PAWS., Public Animal Welfare Society, during the aftermath of Katrina, Cleveland's American Red Cross workers were in New Orleans as well. That experience helped them organize of the mission for Isaac this week.

Red Cross Regional Director of Communications Christine Moran said there are already dozens of local volunteers in many southern states right now.

"The northeastern Ohio region of the American Red Cross has deployed 31 disaster volunteers to largely Florida, some in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi," said Moran.

Interested volunteers may go to:

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