Chardon says goodbye to 3rd shooting victim as community copes with aftermath of tragedy

CHARDON, Ohio - The Chardon community unites again Thursday for the final funeral to honor a teen who was killed in last week's school shootings.

Russell King Jr. will be laid to rest today. He died Feb. 28, a day after being shot in the school cafeteria.

On Wednesday night, a wake was held at the Burr Funeral Home on South Street in Chardon. King's funeral services will be held 10 a.m. at the Church of Saint Mary in Chardon.
School officials said it has been hard for residents living in Geauga County to deal with the sadness.

As they have continued to pay final respects to the shooting victims in the tragedy, school officials are helping the district deal with the aftermath of this tragedy. They are offering parents a presentation focusing on the impact of trauma that will take place Thursday evening at 7 at Chardon Middle School.

Counselors have also been made available at the school to talk to anyone who needs help. They said everyone has been channeling the unexpected trauma left by the Feb. 27 shooting differently.

For example, people who have experienced tragedy before will process the incident differently from those who have not. Meanwhile counselors said trauma for school-age children may produce feelings of concern for their own safety. Whereas, teens may feel self-conscious or vulnerable.   

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