Chardon releases statement saying they can now move on after TJ Lane shooting sentence

CHARDON, Ohio - In a statement, Chardon High School says they can now move on from last year's tragic events since the shooter's sentencing is over.

Officials at the school said they are "relieved" that the case against killer TJ Lane is over.

"This will allow all of us (the victims' families, our students, staff and greater community) to move on from the tragic events of last February. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and their families as we all take another stride towards healing."

Lane was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole for the murders of three students. On Feb. 27, 2012, Lane opened fire in the school's cafeteria, firing 10 shots that left Daniel Parmertor, Russell King Jr., and Demetrius Hewlin dead. The shots also injured three other teens.

On Facebook, the page 26 Acts of Kindness, which sheds light on tragedies and ways to help spread affection, features Chardon as the day's post.

"The efforts of Frank Hall and Joseph Ricci are no different than the heroes from Sandy Hook, and are a direct cause of this tragedy being limited to only six victims. Yet their names are not as widely recognized as the six heroes from Connecticut."

The post continues, "The people of Chardon should be able to heal after the completion of the trial; however, their hearts remain just as raw as ever. Those people could use a sign of kindness today to help them realize that they have more support than they could ever know: People around the world will stand up for them too. That the hands that held them in a state of horror and despair, are not the same hands that offer you these words or the hands of the people who will read this message."

The page asks in honor of Chardon that people perform six small acts of kindness to help heal their wounds, symbolizing the number of victims in the tragedy.

"Document the kind acts you've performed in their honor and take a second to tell Frank Hall and Joseph Ricci how much they mean to you and to this world."

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