Chardon leans on each other for support a month after deadly school shooting

CHARDON, Ohio - Chardon residents tell ONN's Cristin Severance that not a day goes by that they don't think about the victims or their families.

A group of Chardon women who meet at a local coffee shop every week said they've needed each other's support since the shooting.

"We support each other in this special sisterhood we have going," said Vera Erasmus.

The women are Chardon's version of "The View," and they volunteer at organizations and work out together everyday.

"I really can't believe its been a month," said Erasmus.

"Chardon has always been like Our Town, you know from the 50s. You walk to the candy store. You remember when we used to have the confetti shop with the candy. You think nothing bad can happen in Chardon," said Diane Giorgi.

The women have grandchildren at the school. They were at Beans Coffee Shop, their normal Monday spot, when a student opened fire on Feb. 27. They said they joined hands an prayed when they heard the news.

Four weeks later, reflecting on that day brings tears to their eyes.

"It brings back the sadness that we felt. We knew we had to turn to God to help us," Erasmus said.

In the weeks to follow, the women watched as people raised money, painted the town and red and black, and consoled each other.

"They heal, because they have a purpose, to support everyone that is affected by this," said Erasmus.

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