Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane has been captured after escape from prison with other inmates

LIMA, Ohio - UPDATE: TJ Lane has been captured. Click here for details.

Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane escaped and was captured from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio, Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish said.

Lane escaped with two others during recreation time at the prison. Lane was captured at about 1:20 a.m. Friday.

"We have an active investigation at this time to find out exactly what happened," Warden Kevin Jones said.

Two other inmates also escaped. One was caught immediately. Inmate, 45-year-old Clifford E Opperud from Carlisle, Ohio was with Lane and was caught just before 4:30 a.m..

Lima Police said that they escaped at around 7:40 p.m. and warned residents not to open their door to strangers or pick up hitchhikers.


Lima Police first posted about the escape on Facebook at around 9 p.m. Thursday. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is working with local law enforcement and Ohio State Highway Patrol leaders to manage an "extensive manhunt."

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“All available troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol have been joined by Allen County Sheriff's deputies and local area law enforcement in establishing a perimeter and searching the area. A Patrol helicopter with advanced infrared detection equipment has been deployed and is engaged in the search as well. The public is encouraged to report any suspicious persons or possible sightings by calling 911,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born.

Lima police Sgt. Andy Green told the Associated Press that a search was underway in woods and a residential area near the prison, about 80 miles south of Toledo, he said. The two escapees are considered dangerous.

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Authorities said they do not believe the two men were armed. They had no further information on how the inmates escaped from prison. Green said the police were notified about 8 p.m. Thursday evening.

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Lane is serving a life sentence for the shooting deaths of Daniel Parmertor, 16, Russell King, Jr., 17 and Demetrius Hewlin, 17, at Chardon High School on Feb. 27, 2012.

Nick Walczak, 17, was shot several times but survived the massacre.

Lane's courtroom appearance caused controversy as he wore a white T-shirt with “KILLER” scrawled across it. He also gave the middle finger to the victims’ families.

Lane's appeal was rejected in court in May.

Reached by the Associated Press Thursday at her home in Chardon, Dina Parmertor, mother of Daniel Parmertor, said of Lane's escape: "I'm disgusted that it happened. I'm extremely scared and panic stricken. I can't believe it."

Chardon Police Chief William Niehus told that extra officers have been brought in to Chardon, and that they are working to ensure the victims' families are safe.

They have no reason to believe that Lane is headed there, but if he does, Niehus said, they will catch him.

Opperud is serving a 12-year sentence for aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and kidnapping stemming from a 2008 offense.

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