Chardon High School deadly shooting spree -- a top trending topic on Twitter

CLEVELAND - Students at Chardon High School, parents, teachers and strangers are weighing in on the tragedy using social media.

Chardon High Schooler Karli Focker posted this on Twitter as the shooting spree began: School in lockdown. Kid with a gun. Oh shit.

Another student, Megan Stark, also sent out a message on Twitter: Never been so scared.

She later posted another update: Still shaking...i can't believe i just witnessed 4 people getting god.

Evan Erasmus was another eyewitness to the shooting spree.

First time I get on the news is for a school shooting #sad #prayersforchardon

Later, Erasmus posted: Pray for all of the victims. No one deserves this.

Others on Twitter following the shooting at the school showed their support for the victims and the community:

Pray now for Chardon High School. Listening to @alertpage this is awful. Like a movie.

It's sad that people are capable of such horrible things #prayersforchardon

Students continued to tweet about the incident and who they thought were heroes.

Today I gained a whole new level of respect for the teachers of chardon high school.

S/o to Mrs. Segulin too. She did a great job keeping us safe.

Other tweets praised "Mr. Hall" for putting himself in danger by getting the gunman out of the building. One of the most profound tweets we saw came from Seanna Sicher, who said:

Saw the faces of people I used to dislike today and felt relieved that they were alive. Realize how easily everything you have can be lost.

Love and prayers have been pouring in on Twitter for the five shooting victims and their families. With the news that classmate Daniel Parmertor died from his gunshot wound, more love and prayers from students streamed onto the social networking site.

- Rest in Peace, Danny. You were such a sweet kid and blessing to Chardon.
- I cant believe this is true RIP Danny <3
- Chardon. One family. One heartbeat. We can get through this guys. Stay strong and
- Can't
believe that someone died, it makes me realize that anything can happen at any moment #prayersforchardon

People from all across the country are sending their thoughts and prayers to Geauga County.

- Totally devastated. My hometown... so bucolic, safe, and sweet.... now this. Don't know what to say. #ChardonShooting
- Sending thoughts and prayers to Chardon families, staff, and students #chardonshooting
- So sad about #chardonshooting . Wow. A little too close to home...
- Thoughts and prayers are with the students at Chardon High School. It's not right they have to have such fear in school. #ChardonShooting
- So sad to hear about the #chardonshooting . Such a quaint, quiet little town.
- I hope the kids hurt are ok this is so sad that Still these shootings happen. #chardonshooting
- So thankful my sister is unfortunate for the victims. #chardonshooting
- My mind is completely blown. I don't understand how someone can potentially take away 5 people's life.. #ChardonShooting
- Appreciate everyone that is in your life. You never know when they can be taken away from you 2/27/12 #chardon

Many students who attend CHS are changing their Twitter profile picture to the school's logo, to honor those hurt and lost and to show the world Chardon is "one community."

On Twitter, # chardonshooting is a top trending topic, as is Thomas "TJ" Lane, the shooting suspect.

You can read a similar timeline of events by following this link: The Daily Beast.

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