Chardon community gathers at high school to view displays of love, support

Banners, cards, letters, drawings on display

CHARDON, Ohio - Nearly two months after the deadly school shooting at Chardon High School, the grieving process continues, as students, parents, and community members gathered Sunday in the hallways of the school for a "community walk-through," seeing displays of love and support from surrounding communities.

Banners, signs, letters, and notes of hope and encouragement were visible on the walls and every corner you turned. And every locker had a decoration.

Students from other area high schools sent signs and class pictures to show their support.

[WEB EXTRA: Click here to see some of the displays throughout Chardon High's hallways]

Mariah Moore, a senior at Chardon, and her father, Steve, attended the school walk-through. Mariah was two classrooms away from the cafeteria when the shootings occurred. She and her dad are grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the walk-through together.

"It's giving all of us a chance to be together, not just coming in when you feel like it, but everyone knows about it," said Mariah. "It's a good chance for us to be together there all at the same time."

"As well as myself, and a lot of others, it will give some closure to what's been going on," said Steve Moore. "It's a small town and for people to gather, we all experience the same things."

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