Chardon business helps students heal after shooting with embroidered ribbons

CHARDON, Ohio - The Sports Rack has been quietly sewing away heartbreak, one ribbon at a time.

For many Chardon athletes, a red ribbon on the front of their letterman's jacket has come to symbolize solidarity with fellow students while honoring those who lost theirs lives in the Feb. 27, 2012 shooting.

Sports Rack's owner Laura Christian found a student at her counter the day after the tragedy. He wanted a memorial ribbon embroidered on his varsity jacket. One year later, the business continues to churn out red ribbons on black wool.

"At first, there were a lot of jackets being brought in. People wanted that. They wanted it a specific size," Christian said.

"It was right there. You almost needed to talk about it. Then as time wore on you just had to gauge where people were with it and whether we wanted to bring it up, but at first everybody was trying to heal together," Christian said.

Chardon Local Schools and officials held a news conference at the Geauga County Public Library offering media outlets an opportunity for information Friday. Wednesday marks one year since the shootings and officials have asked for privacy at memorial services.

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