Bald eagle spotted near Route 306 in Bainbridge over the weekend, viewer captures photo

BAINBRIDGE, Ohio - At about 7 p.m. Saturday, Gary and Christine Shulman of Novelty, Ohio, were driving along Route 306 about to enter onto the 422 east ramp in Bainbridge when they spotted a bald eagle less than 10 feet away from their vehicle.

Gary Shulman slowed down to watch the eagle desperately try to grab onto a dead raccoon and fly away with it, but the carcass was too heavy for the bird to carry.

"We knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a bald eagle in action... the bird's wingspan was monstrous as we watched it try to take off," he said.

Shulman said he thought the traffic behind him would honk at him for driving so slow onto the ramp, but as soon as they saw the eagle, no horns were heard.

"It truly was an amazing sight," Shulman said. "The eagle clearly saw us and the rest of the folks behind us, but that did not scare him away. He would keep looking at us and then go back to his task at hand -- trying to figure out how to get this raccoon back to his nest."

Shulman said the eagle was still there when he and his wife eventually drove off.

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