Sandusky police arrest man sitting on toilet

SANDUSKY, Ohio - A fight led Sandusky police officers to a home on Warren Street where they arrested a man sitting on a toilet.

Numerous neighbors called Sandusky police reporting a fight involving guns. When officers came out to the area, those involved had already taken off.

But some street talk led the officers to a home on Warren Street, where the owner gave them consent to search the house.

Inside, officers found two suspects sitting in the living room. A knock on what turned out to be the bathroom door led to a third.

Police told Nicholas Ross to get off the toilet, but he refused to move, saying he was going number two. Then, Ross, who was bleeding from his face, reached down in a pile of clothes at his feet. Officers feared he may be grabbing a weapon so they grabbed his hands and put him in cuffs after a brief struggle.

The police report stated, "it should also be noted there was no sign of a bowel movement in the toilet."

A gun wasn't found in the clothes pile or on Ross, but a .45 cal Taurus handgun was found in a hat in the back yard. The gun belonged to another man who reported it stolen in December, police said.

Officers also found a loaded magazine clip in the kitchen trash can.

Ross has been charged with CCW, inducing panic, obstructing justice, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence. Police said he was also slapped with a charge of having a weapon while intoxicated.

Ross is behind bars in the Erie County Jail.

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