Police: Woman corners man after catching him shooting video of her in Sandusky Target dressing room

SANDUSKY, Ohio - A man from Sandusky is facing voyeurism charges after police said a woman caught him taking video of her while she was undressing in a Target dressing room – and cornered him until police arrived.

The alleged incident happened Tuesday just before 8 p.m. at the Target store on Milan Road in Sandusky.

According to the report filed by the Perkins Township Police Department, the woman was changing her pants in the dressing room and saw a phone under the door that appeared to be recording a video of her. She grabbed the phone and left the dressing room.

The woman told police that as she exited the room, there was a man right outside demanding she return his cellphone – but she refused to give it back to him. She said the man then tried to grab her to get the phone, but shoved him and hit him in the face to defend herself and keep the man from leaving.

The report said the woman then told the man she would not let him leave, so he sat on the floor and waited for police to arrive.

Once officers got to the store, they asked the man, 21-year-old Zachary Van Zandt of Sandusky, what happened and he said "I shouldn't have done what I did," according to the report. The officer then asked him what he did and he responded, "Took a picture of her under the door."

Van Zandt was then arrested and taken out of the store in handcuffs.

The police report said Van Zandt then started telling the officer more about the situation, saying that he has a problem and videotaped and photographed about five other women "in various states of undress" in dressing rooms at the mall and Target, and took video and photographs looking up women's skirts in various places.

Van Zandt told the officer the photos and videos were all still on his iPhone, which was turned over to police.

"Mr. Van Zandt said he has a sexual desire to do these things and is scheduled to begin counseling next week," the report stated.

About the incident Tuesday at Target, Van Zandt told the officer he was trying on clothes before going to an AA meeting, and when he heard the woman enter a dressing room nearby, he thought it would be a "good opportunity to get some video."

Van Zandt was charged with disorderly conduct and voyeurism. Police said he may face more charges, depending on if anything illegal is found on his cellphone.

He was released on bond.

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