Neighbors of Vermilion couple accused of child abuse wish they would've helped kids

VERMILION, Ohio - A week after Erie County Sheriff's deputies were called to a Vermilion home where an 18-month-old child was found dead, neighbors lament not taking action.

Erie County investigators said Isaac Alan Brothers-Bartholomew died from extreme malnourishment and dehydration.

Six other children, most with physical or mental disabilities or both, were removed from the home. Four were sent to a local hospital.

Many neighbors said they knew something was wrong, but they didn't want to get involved.

"It's very tragic," said neighbor Wendy Guendelsberger, who told us she didn't know there were children living in the house until the night law enforcement was called.

Guendelsberger said she never saw children outside so she assumed there were none.

"I have five kids all over the place. Of course my kids are able bodied, not disabled, so I understand you stay inside more than you do with children like mine," she said.

A funeral service was held for Isaac Alan on Monday.

No official charges have been filed in this case, but Cleveland attorney Denise Demmit told us she will be representing the parents in this case.

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