Wyatt, rescued three-legged dog from Lyndhurst, to receive new prosthesis

Rescued dog found with only three legs

CLEVELAND - On a quiet cul-de-sac in Lyndhurst, Wyatt, a Mastiff-mix puppy runs around the yard fetching anything thrown his way. That would be a normal day for any puppy, but this 8-month-old bundle of silver-haired energy only has three legs, making only a few trips possible before he quickly tires.

Wyatt came to the Animal Protective League the first week of August after being rescued from his inner-city neighborhood by an officer responding from the Cleveland Kennel. Wyatt had been found abandoned and tied to a tree, missing his right rear leg.

He was treated quickly by veterinarians at the APL, then placed in a foster home because of his mild-mannered disposition where he now lives.

After hearing of his predicament in news stories, donations came pouring to help Wyatt from donors throughout northeastern Ohio. Enough that an effort to fit him with a prosthesis built by a Denver, Colo. company dedicated to animal prosthetic technology began this week.

Wyatt was fitted with a mold of his leg by local veterinarians which has been sent to Denver to begin construction.

It's hoped that Wyatt will have only a few final fittings and be able to get used to his new leg this fall. After he is, he will be available for adoption to a new family.

Sharon Harvey of the APL released this statement:

"Because of Wyatt's size, amputation of the remaining portion of the leg was not ideal because it would put a lot of strain on the remaining limbs. However, Wyatt was an ideal candidate for a prosthetic to replace the missing portion of his leg and allow him to recover full use of the leg!

The overwhelming response to Wyatt's story, and the donations to our Second Chance Program that resulted, have ensured that Wyatt will get his new leg!  In fact, he has already had the mold taken.  Please check out this video of Wyatt's progress here at the APL!

Our Second Chance Program helps hundreds of injured and ill animals who come to the APL each year in need of medical care that we would not be able to provide to them if we did not have this program.  Generous, caring people like you who believe, like we do, that these animals deserve a second chance, make happy endings like Wyatt's possible.

Your donation to our Second Chance Program will help Wyatt continue his rehabilitation.  It will also assist the hundreds of animals who come to the APL each year who are injured or ill and need that extra care to mend their bodies and heal their spirits.

We will continue to update you on Wyatt's progress.  And on behalf of Wyatt, and of all of the animals who will benefit from your donations to the Second Chance Program, we thank you."

For more information, go to: http://www.clevelandapl.org

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