Will hundreds of new jobs at Brook Park's Ford plant boost local economy?

Local eateries are not so sure

BROOK PARK, Ohio - For 50 years, residents of Brook Park , Ohio, has relied on Ford for a large percentage of it's income. Not just the city itself, but a number of smaller operations.

Henry's Bar and Grill has been a good neighbor to the Ford engine plant. They've been together through the tough times and the good times.

"In the beginning everything was doing well. Now there's nothing left. We have hardly anybody," said Laura Friess of Henry's Bar and Grill.

Thursday, Ford announced that 450 jobs are being added to it's engine plant in 2015. All of these jobs are being created thanks to the 2-liter "Ecoboost" engine soon lo be produced in Brook Park.

While the job creations are great news, Friess is not so sure it will have an impact on her business.

"I hope so. Who knows until it actually happens," said Friess.

Down the road, another restaurant has a different opinion. "The Place To Be" has seen its share of Ford workers enjoying both breakfast and dinner at it's establishment.

"Anything makes a difference. Even if it's just one or two extra people and they spread the word around. They go back in the plant and by word of mouth it spreads," said Tammy Fonner, a server at "The Place To Be."

Workers at both "Henry's" and "The Place To Be" agreed that their businesses will probably never see the same number of Ford customers stopping by by for dinner or a drink.

"The little stores need the workers here. We don't need them overseas. We need them here in Ohio," said Fonner.

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