Violent night in Cleveland: Seven shot, one killed

It was a very violent night in Cleveland, as seven people were shot in various locations.

Cleveland police are investigating the following:

Two men were taken to the Cleveland Clinic after being shot at E.79 th and Woodland at 10:55p.m. Saturday night.

At 3:12a.m., a victim of a gunshot wound was found at E.55 th and Woodland.

The Cleveland Clinic had another victim of a gunshot wound from E.108 th and Superior at 3:46a.m.

At 4:18pm, a male victim of a gunshot wound was taken to University Hospital.

One gunshot victim was a fatality.

A 22-year-old black male was driving in the vicinity of E.149 th and St. Clair with 2 females.

The man stopped the car when he approached a group of people while still in his car.

Another man walked up to his car and attempted to rob him, shooting into the vehicle several times. The driver was hit multiple times.

One of the females in the car then took control, driving the car and hitting a home on E.144 th.

The man was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or any of the others listed is asked to contact the Cleveland Division of Police Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

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