U.S. Marines take over Burke Lakefront Airport

CLEVELAND - Saturday and Sunday, the U.S. Marines put on a show that dazzled spectators.

Starting at 2 p.m. Saturday, the mock invasion of Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland began. 

The Marines said the demonstration gave people an idea of what it would look like if the Marines invaded an airport.

"It's not only just an air show but we've got Marines on the ground, we have tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles. You're going to see Marines in assault formations as they come across the airfield. It's really generating an airfield attack," Lt. Col. Len Anderson said.

Gates at Burke Lakefront Airport opened at 10 a.m. Sunday for the final day of Marine Week.

The day was full of activities including a band concert and drill platoon performances.

"Everybody will have access to seeing how the Marine Corps works and operates and just in and amongst it we have air crew and Marines that will out there in the crowd to answer questions. It's a great place to come and learn and see what Marines do not only in the air but on the ground," Lt. Col. Anderson said.

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