University Hospital hosts one of 2014's first babies

First-time parents fight snow squalls and chill

CLEVELAND - Fighting snow squalls and frigid temperatures Monday, Alan Jakubecz wheeled his car with Amber Molnar in labor to University Square not sure how far along she was for her first pregnancy. It turned out to be at least 30 hours of labor with success at the end.

"The roads were bad, we blew a few red lights," joked Molnar. "I kind of thought she'd be here earlier. I mean I wasn't that far off. And even going to my doctor's appointments, she said, 'Oh, she could be a December baby' but, you can never prepare yourself, and I surely wasn't prepared for everything."

After such a long labor, a midnight birth seemed possible to hospital staff and the baby's father Alan Jakubecz. It was a topic to pass the time. Amber was probably the only one not keeping an eye on the clock.

"I wasn't thinking about the clock, I was in the process of having her," Molnar said.

"When she was about to do the first push it was 11:56, so I looked down and saw 11:56 and I said I don't know if she can make it out right at midnight, but that would be pretty cool," said Jakubecz.

As with many first labors, newly born Aubrey, a 6 lb. baby girl came out when she wanted to, and that was 12:31 a.m. on a cold New Years morning.

Aubrey will now share a birthday with Alan's mother, Pat.

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