Tremendous outpouring of support for popular restaurant owner

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - The flowers and notes remain outside of Brennan's Colony on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. A show of support for the popular restaurant owner who was shot and killed inside his restaurant a week ago.

"Anyone who has been a member of the Heights realizes it is a special community," said Nicky Turco.  Nicky along with several girlfriends have been regulars at the restaurant every Tuesday for the past seven years. When the women heard that Jim Brennan had been murdered, they knew they had to do something,

Brady Dindia came up with the idea to make and sell t-shirts. "Incredible affection for the place, the staff, the memories we have there. It is part of our fabric," said Dindia.

The women started selling the t-shirts last week, they expected to sell a couple of hundred. They sold close to 800. The t-shirts are selling for $20.00 each. "It will be donated in his honor," said Shannon Morris speaking about the money that they raised. There are several ideas being tossed around, but no final decision has been made yet.

"Out of a horrible tragedy, it's incredible the love everyone has shown," said Sarah Curry, The women sold the shirts on line. They will also be selling them on July 19th at The Tavern Company in Cleveland Heights.


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