Thirty teenagers spend the night out in boxes to raise awareness for the homeless

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Temperatures are well below freezing, but that is not stopping some young teens from learning firsthand what homeless people deal with every day.

The 10th Annual Homeless Awareness Sleep Out took place at the Lakewood Congregational Church.

About thirty teenagers have given up their nights in the comforts of their warm home for a cardboard box out in the freezing cold.

They will panhandle to raise money for the Northeast Coalition for the Homeless, Y-Haven and Family Promise. Along with raising money they are collecting new underwear, socks and toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant.

For ninth grader Jane Mechenbier, donating her time is really important. “I am doing this, because I really like to help out and I think doing this is really good for a reality check."

Last year they raised about $5,500 and are hoping to surpass it this year. The teenagers are more interested in educating the public on the plight of the homeless. "Believe it or not most people think people get along fine, really in the truth a lot of people are struggling.” says fourteen year old Matthew Dailey.

The teens will sleep out until noon Sunday.

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