Thieves return wheelchair to Cleveland boy suffering from cerebral palsy and scoliosis

CLEVELAND - It was lower than low: Thieves not only stole from the freezer of a Cleveland woman raising a son with cerebral palsy and scoliosis, but they used his wheelchair to cart the food away .

Friday morning, there is a little bit of good news for Barbara Gibson and her son Stephen.

She got the call Thursday night, just after 10. It was a Cleveland police sergeant from the 4 th district. They had Stephen's neon green wheelchair.

His name was still on it. His school books were still inside the pouch.

But the wheelchair had seen better days. Barbara says it looks like someone heavy sat in it. One of the wheels is now bent. It wobbles as it rolls.

And the wheels don't light up anymore.

Police don't know who brought it back. Whoever returned the wheelchair just left it inside the front door of the 4 th district headquarters.

Because it needs work, she's not going to let her son ride in it yet. She's not certain what she will do, whether she'll get it overhauled.

Of course, Stephen is disappointed that his chair is banged-up, but both of them are excited to have it back.

For now, Stephen is using the loaner provided by the Cleveland Municipal Schools District.

Barbara says she thinks they'll get the wheelchair Invacare donated.

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