The Greater Cleveland Film Commission celebrates the Oscars

CLEVELAND - Of course the Greater Cleveland Film Commission celebrated the Oscars Sunday.  This year's watch party took place at the House of Blues but the focus was less on the actual award ceremony and more on the films being made right in Cleveland.

"It's been a great vibe, you know, coming off of Captain America, Draft Day, Jenny's Wedding, Miss Meadows.  We've had a lot of great talent come through the city, great movies.  They're all going to have these great releases and really show off Cleveland ... it's really fantastic that Cleveland - people around the world will see how cool Cleveland really is," said Executive Director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, Ivan Schwarz. 

Of the movies mentioned, one of the most anticipated releases is "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," with most of the action-packed scenes shot in Cleveland.

Who could forget the jammed-packed highways and Shoreway shutdown that came along with it?  But it's the city's landscape that Location Manager, Bill Garvey says, continues to attract movie directors. 

"The great thing about Cleveland," said Garvey ..."is that you get such a range of different architectural looks that are so close together.  You're 30 min. from farm land here and you have beautiful new architecture, old architecture and the range in between an that's really hard to find elsewhere."

The tax incentive also plays a role and with the culmination of these things, Schwarz said, that's really turning Cleveland into a movie destination.

"In the last four years we brought in over $300 million in economic development just in Northeast Ohio and I think that you know, we really want to keep doing that.  We love it," said Schwarz. 

The money Schwarz described, goes into everything from buying lumber to build a set, to paying for food and hotel stay.  

Many people at the watch party said the greater investment Cleveland sees makes it all worth it.  That and seeing Cleveland's landmarks on the big screen.

"We're just so proud of Cleveland," said Mary Ann Ponce of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival,"it's really a great thing."

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