Teacher Of The Week awarded to the Brooklyn High School Band Teacher

BROOKLYN, OH - Sean Sullivan has taught band at Brooklyn High School for more than a decade.  Thanks to music, his impact on his students is off the charts. 

"No, I can't say that my teacher has worked at the school for 50 years or donated a kidney.  But I can say that Mr. Sullivan has changed my life,"  said senior Katie Causey.

Causey nominated Mr. Sullivan for a NewsChannel5 Teacher of the Week Award. She said he has taught her about life. "This is the reason I come to school, the reason I get up in the morning.  Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,"  Sullivan said when he was presented with the award during band practice.

Causey said Mr. Sullivan is such an inspiration that someday she wants to follow in his footsteps. "I just hope one day I can have a job like his and love it as much as he does,"  she said. 

Mr. Sullivan, whose father was also a band teacher, said it's all about his students.  "I love all the kids that I get to work with and have the opportunity to work with.  This is just an awesome group.  Band kids is where it's at,"  he said.

Where it's at thanks to their dedicated band teacher.

You can nominate a deserving teacher for a NewsChannel5 Teacher of the Week Award at newsnet5.com or on Chris Flanagan's Facebook page, facebook.com/ChrisFlanaganWEWS.


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