Solon man takes new photos of black bear as 'Bedford bear' sightings continue

SOLON, Ohio - It appears that the popular "Bedford bear" is back in Solon.

For several hours on Tuesday, a young black bear camped out in a tree on Rockside Road in Bedford Heights. After being sprayed by a fire hose, the bear made a break for it, but since then, police in Bedford Heights and Solon said residents have reported seeing a black bear.

On Thursday, Larry Samuel snapped a few pictures of a bear running down a Solon street.

"It ran through our backyard on Louise Drive, and through a few more yards. Then ran across the street and now is in the woods along the freeway," Samuel said.

Solon police told NewsChannel5 there have been more black bear sightings on Thursday. They are telling residents to leave the bear alone and let it go about its business. The bear was spotted on Brainard Road and near the Interstate 480/271 split in Solon on Wednesday.

Police said they believe the bear is 1 to 2 years old, about 5 feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

Meanwhile, a debate over the black bear's nickname is brewing. Starting in May and as recently as this Sunday, Streetsboro police have been warning people about a black bear.

The following was posted on the Streetsboro Police Department Facebook page on Thursday afternoon:

"Apparently, the media has now named the black bear in our area the ‘Bedford Bear' due (to) his one appearance in the tree this week. Assuming it is the same bear, it showed up many more times here in Streetsboro before it was ever seen in Bedford. Therefore, we think the bear should be known as the ‘Boro Bear."

Streetsboro police said the bear was reported in the areas of Navajo Trail, Pike Parkway and the Ohio Turnpike.

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