SOLD OUT: Brooklyn Lowes sells out in generators as people out-of-state prepare for Sandy

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio - If you haven't already, you may want to head out sooner rather than later to stock-up on supplies for Sandy. The demand for supplies is now coming from out-of-state.

If you're looking for a generator, "We are currently out of them," said Paul Wancata, an Appliance Sales Specialist at the Lowes Home Improvement Store in Brooklyn. 

By Sunday afternoon, the shelves at the Brooklyn Lowes selling generators were completely empty from customers traveling hours, all the way to the Northeast Ohio area, to purchase them.

Larry Gardner, a Specialist Assistant Manager at the Steelyard Commons Home Depot told NewsChannel5, "We fielded a phone call last night all the way from Scranton, Pennsylvania… most of the inquiries we're getting over the phone are people out-of-state that are heading this way because they feel they may not be able to get them [generators] because of the demand of the storms coming through."

One customer traveled all the way from West Virginia to purchase a generator at the Brooklyn Lowes according to employees. 

"You know, it's one of those things with hurricane preparedness that people want to take care of, " said Wancata.

For folks planning to use the generators, employees at both stores are warning buyers to make sure they are using them property. 

"It needs to be outside, not in the garage. It needs to be in a well-ventilated area because it's like any piece of  power equipment, it has an exhaust - that's carbon monoxide. It can be very dangerous when it builds up so it needs to be outside," said Gardner.

Both stores are already re-stocking necessary materials, but managers say the foot traffic and demand for supplies from people right here in Northeast Ohio has not been as strong. NewsChannel 5 did find at least one local couple shopping to prepare their home for the storm. Marco Correa said he and his wife were already planning to insulate and waterproof their home for the winter season, adding Sandy may have bumped-up their schedule a bit.   

"With the bad weather coming, you got to get prepared. This is Cleveland, Ohio. I mean it's cold, it's terrible and it's on its way. You got to get ready for it, " said Correa.

Other tips for being prepared include stocking-up on canned foods and other nonperishable food items, batteries and water. 

Another unique way of preparing for a storm is by registering yourself  for "Save and Well" through the Red Cross. It's a website that allows loved ones to track your status in the event of a natural disaster.

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