Shortage on chicken wings this Super Bowl Sunday? Not this year!

CLEVELAND - Last year a chicken wing shortage scare just before the 2013 Super Bowl, sent finger-licking buffalo wing lovers into a poultry panic! 

But have no fear, this year there is NO shortage, in fact, you might actually save a few bucks.

Chicken, chicken and more chicken … and chicken wings of course is one of the first things you see when you run into the Cedar Road Dave’s Supermarket.  Last year, shopper Jim Mather told NewsChannel 5 the Super Bowl party he went to was not as plentiful.

“I remember, I didn't have chicken wings and I was sad I didn't have chicken wings and hopefully there's some for me to get!” he said.

The lack of poultry, he learned, was due to the “chicken shortage” that impacted different places in different ways.  At Dave’s, Manager David Hughey said they didn’t exactly run out of chicken.

“Fortunately Dave’s did their homework and we did not experience a chicken shortage,” said Hughey. 

They also didn’t exactly have low prices last year either because when demand goes up, so does the money.

“It was advertised or told to us by our distributors that there was a shortage, which made the pricing and the demand sky-rocket,” said Lakewood Harry Buffalo Manager, Mike Potraffke, “so we were actually concerned that we were going to run out chicken wings.”

Potraffke told NewsChannel 5 they ended up over-ordering and still only had a few wings left by the end of the weekend.  So the shortage didn’t happen here either, but it almost did!

“It was good, it was stressful also, but our costs were a lot higher,” Potraffke said.

This year, according to the National Chicken Council (yes this exists) experts estimate about 4% more chicken will be produced compared to last year thanks to lower feed costs. 

What’s that mean for your wallet this Super Bowl Sunday? 

Sales! Sales, in supermarkets and deals at restaurants so that football fans like Mather can enjoy their beloved Super Bowl tradition.

“They bring people together, and um, you can just grab it in your hand, kind of bite sized, just different flavors of everything so definitely a great thing!” Mather said.

A fun fact, according to the National Chicken Council, Super Bowl fans will consume about 1.25 billion chicken wings this year.  The group's website says that's enough to stretch from CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington to MetLIfe Stadium in Ritchfield, New Jersey ... 30 TIMES!

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