Shaker Heights company Laugh Staff brings needed humor to wedding receptions

Comedians help out struggling toast-givers

SHKARE HEIGHTS, Ohio - Josh Womack listened with a grin to his fellow comedian friend and business partner Cameron Amigo when he said maybe writing jokes for an awkward best man or a bridesmaid might just be a huge break-out business model.

"Cameron went to a wedding of a good friend of his and it was one of those things where the best man got up and fumbled through some embarrassing stories," Womack said.

The light bulb of opportunity soon burned brightly and the two launched Laugh Staff, Inc.

Both men are comedians at night after their day jobs; Womack a development manager at the National Kidney Foundation.

The need for jokes and a smoothly-delivered speech at weddings as taken off prompting Laugh Staff to hire multiple comedians between both coasts to help out with customized speeches. The staff has help from questionnaire fodder filed out by prospective clients.

The result has been a much funnier wave of wedding receptions and relieved brides and grooms.

"When you make a room full of people laugh it's a very addicting feeling," Womack said.

One of Laugh Staff's recent clients, Jeff Cook, found himself needing serious help after a disastrous engagement party speech. He didn't want to repeat it at the wedding reception. Another friend sent him to Womack's desk where he was given ideas on how to deliver a speech to satisfy the funny bones of some and the sensitive needs of a happy bride.

Cook came armed with his speech, but still had the jitters.

"I was still nervous. I had a couple drinks and I just went for it and I heard a lot of laughs," Cook said.

Immediate accolades from wedding guests after his toast proved to Cook that he had made the right decision.

"Everyone came up to me and said ‘Great speech,' ‘Very funny,' ‘Some of the best I've heard,'" Cook said.

For information on Laugh Staff, Inc.'s services, call 440-667-6334 or go to

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