Several I-90 changes Monday due to Innerbelt Bridge construction

CLEVELAND - If you didn't notice on Friday, you may want to check out the most recent I-90 changes before you head out for work Monday morning. The construction could mean confusion and lots of headaches for your early morning commute.

The Ohio Department of Transportation's latest round of changes comes to I-90 as construction continues on the new Innerbelt Bridge. As part of ODOT's "Alternate Route Plan," here's a list of the changes made from ODOT's website:

Attention I-90 Motorists: Additional traffic changes are on the way tonight as part of ODOT's "Alternate Route Plan." You've seen these changes before as these were also implemented in the summer of 2011. Crews will install "channelizers" to separate I-90 thru traffic from I-77 north ramp traffic merging with I-90. Be sure to use I-490 east to I-77 north to access E 22nd and Carnegie, as these exits will be unavailable from I-90 east.

Last night, the SR 176 (Jennings Freeway) ramp to I-71 north/I-90 east was closed. Motorists will need to use I-490 east to I-77 north to access I-90 east and downtown locations. This change will remain in place until the completion of the second Innerbelt Bridge in 2016.

Regional Interstates:

Overnight Friday, October 4, I-90 east closed between I-490 and I-77 from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday morning. Opt for the Alternate! Use I-490 east to I-77 north to reach downtown destinations and I-90 east. When I-90 east reopens Saturday morning, I-90 east will be reduced to two thru-lanes. Motorists who travel from the west via I-90 east will need to use I-490 east to I-77 north to reach MidTown destinations via E 22nd St and Carnegie. These changes will remain in place until completion of the second Innerbelt Bridge in 2016.

Tremont Impacts:

Next Friday, October 11, Abbey Avenue will be closed under I-90 from 4 a.m. until 11 a.m. Use the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge and the Innerbelt Bridge to detour; or use W 11th, Kenilworth, Willey and Columbus Road.

Motorists are encouraged to "Opt for the Alternate!" and use I-490 and I-77 where an extra lane has been added and access to all downtown Cleveland exits is maintained. Alternate forms of transportation and riding RTA are suggested to avoid congestion.

Shari Hunter told NewsChannel5 she got caught in the changes Sunday trying to get into Jennings Freeway and cautioned drivers Monday morning, "The bridge does look nice by the way.  However, the commuters are going to be totally (p'ed) unless they find an alternate route for them to go so, I advise you all to find an alternate route like now."

Other ways to E 22nd St. or Carnegie include exiting I-90E before the E 22nd St. exit, or taking I-90E all the way to Chester Ave., however Chester is down to one lane for the time being due to construction.

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