Season of futility erased just a little bit as fans rejoice after Browns beat up on Steelers

CLEVELAND - Every year those Browns fans are so optimistic. They love their Brownies. They live and die by the wins and losses.

Another season of futility. Close but no cigar in all those close games. All it takes to cheer those Browns fans back up is one little thing - a win over those dreaded Steelers.

Hoping for a sliver of light to this dismal season, their prayers were answered with a 20-14 victory. The Browns offense scored just enough to hold off those Steelers. It was the defense that was dominating, forcing eight turnovers. This hard-hitting classic of a game to lived up to the billing of the Browns and Steelers rivalries of old. The fans loved it and were rewarded with a victory.

The stadium was rocking and it didn't empty out in the fourth quarter as usual leaving Steelers fans dominating the stadium. Not on this day. As time expired, victory in hand, the party spilled out of the stadium.

The Steelers fans took their loss in stride though the usual suspects had to chirp in with a comment about how the Browns could only win with the Steelers' third-string quarterback playing.

Rudy and Simone Sutter just got married this past August, Rudy the Browns fan and Simone the Steelers fan. A match made in heaven. To put it in perspective, it would be like a hardcore Democrat and a hardcore Republican getting hitched.

"She's a good Browns fan but when it comes to the game all bets are off," said Rudy. Not to be outdone, Simone said that she has been a Steelers fan her whole life but has to compromise on this.

"The things you do for love," Simone said.

This is only the fifth win in 23 tries against the Steelers since the Browns returned in 1999.

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