Rock salt shortage now "crisis" situation in many Ohio cities as another winter storm strikes

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Rock salt shortage concerns are growing as another snowstorm hits northern Ohio. Rocky River, Russell Township and other cities and towns are nearly out of salt.

The salt dome in Rocky River appeared nearly empty Tuesday evening as another major winter storm threatened Northeast Ohio.

Rocky River residents said the city usually does a very good job of clearing ice and snow, but now many side streets are very icy because the city is nearly out of rock salt.

Many cities have said recently that Morton Salt has not been keeping up with deliveries.

Morton Salt has released this statement about salt deliveries:

This has been an unprecedented winter weather season with the continued snow events and cold weather.  We’re doing everything possible to replenish our customers’ salt supplies as quickly as possible.  Even with these efforts, the demand for road salt is causing some delayed deliveries as we try to balance the needs of our customers. We know this is frustrating for customers and communities and we apologize.  

Both Lakewood and Lorain officials said they finally got over a thousand tons of rock salt delivered from Morton.

Lorain received a delivery Monday, enough for about one or two more storms.

Rocky River is only able to salt some main roads, inclines and intersections.

Meanwhile Russell Township in Geauga County is nearly bone dry when it comes to rock salt.

Township Trustee Gary Gabram said it's a crisis situation in many Ohio towns because keeping roads safe is a challenge.

Gabram said many city leaders had a conference call with state officials Tuesday afternoon, but no real answers were given.

Russell Township and many other towns running out of rock salt are using cinders on inclines and intersections like "they did 50 years ago" Gabram said.

Motorists are urged to use caution and slow down.

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