Shaker Hts. residents shocked, victims scared with suspects on the loose in 3 recent armed robberies

Three armed robberies in one week

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - Shaker Heights police are investigating three armed robberies that happened in the same area days apart from one another.

“I was removing some items from the back seat of my car when a man snatched me and said give me your money, give me your money,” said Rafiah, who is 76 years old and did not want her last name published.

Rafiah was held up at gunpoint, pushed to the ground and punched in the face on Tuesday, April 15 at about 10:30 pm. The incident outside the restaurant she owns, Nile Valley Restaurant, on Lee Road.

“He was dragging and pulling and had a revolver in his left hand,” she added.

Rafiah’s case is not unique. Two other people were victims of armed robberies just blocks away from Rafiah’s restaurant. One incident happened at the Sunoco gas station at 3569 Lee Road early Saturday morning. Two suspects approached a man, demanded money and ran away. One of them pointed a gun.

The other incident happened Thursday night at the intersection of Lee and Hampstead. Three suspects walked up to a man who was waiting for the bus, pointed a gun at him and stole his cell phone.

“Three times in one week, that’s shocking,” said Todd Goldstein, a Shaker Heights resident and business owner. “That’s happening right down the street from where my employees walk to their car every day.”

Shaker police said they are investigating whether any of the cases are connected. They also said they have increased patrols in the Lee Road area.

“I take the whole thing as a wake-up call,” said Rafiah. “Someone had been observing me, leaving and coming back late.”

No arrests have been made in any of the cases.

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